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I know… I haven’t been updating this for a very long time. I’ve changed my computer to a Mac, and since then, I’ve not had bought the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop.

In the mean time, please visit my other blog – http://themyriadthoughts.wordpress.com/ – to be entertained by my life and other random thoughts!

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24 July 2011 4 comments


Good morning! Rise and shine! This was how I started my day. Ouch… Well, have a great Sunday! =)

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Fun with Chinese: Tomato!

I’ve been trying my best to update this on a regular basis, but it’s not been easy because of a lack of ideas.

Anyway, I learnt this fun Chinese fact today! You can check a Chinese dictionary to verify. =D

The tomato is barbaric (foreign) because it was brought into China from the other side of the world. If you noticed, the tomato is not incorporated into mainstream Chinese dishes. Any dish that has tomatoes in it is fairly new, i.e. possibly from 1800s onwards.

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The World’s Most Ironic Inventions…

The Myriad Things… now in colour!

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The Holiday Paradox

12 May 2011 3 comments

The Holiday Paradox

My apologies for not posting anything the past few days. Felt like doing absolutely nothing these past few days since the holidays started.

The holiday paradox is so true. Is it true for you too?

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One people… One Nation… One…?!

Had this conversation with a friend the other day. Heehee…  Here’s a new way of looking at Singapore’s popular national song.

One people... One Nation... One...?!

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The Confucian Fangirl!

The Confucian Fangirl!

Yesterday, someone remarked that he knows of a Confucian Fangirl. Was inspired to draw this today after spending the whole day studying Confucian texts. Wanted to give her a pony tail, but I can’t seem to get draw it right.

The Chinese words in calligraphy style were painfully traced using the digital tablet. Not easy, but it’s amazing what a digital tablet with pressure sensitivity can do.

If you’re wondering what the Chinese words mean, it says: “Ever since mankind came into this world, there has never been one greater than Confucius.” (Mencius 2A2)

I’ll draw the Confucian Fanboy soon.

Do let me know what you think. It’s the first time I’m drawing my characters this way.


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